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Klaviyo Alternatives

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Sure, Klaviyo can do all of the above. But maybe it is not the right email marketing tool for your business. With this in mind, we extended our research and compared some of the Klaviyo alternatives.

Klaviyo vs. MailChimp

Email marketing tools like Klaviyo and MailChimp give users an easy-to-use, automated environment to create emails, design workflows, and automate conversations with subscribers.

While we can find similarities between the two – MailChimp vs. Klaviyo – they are quite different.

First, MailChimp is present in the market since 2001. Meanwhile, Klaviyo is 11 years younger, its launch date being 2012. Yes, we know. It is not so relevant for our comparison. But the second fact, that Klaviyo is built mainly for eCommerce and MailChimp for email marketing, might be.

Is Klaviyo better than Mailchimp?

We have to be honest here. Both are excellent email marketing and marketing automation solutions for small businesses. However, when it comes to segmentation features, in-depth analytics, and perfect integrations, Klaviyo is way above MailChimp.

Comparing MailChimp vs. Klaviyo might seem unfair, we know. The first mentioned is the affordable solution for businesses who want simple functionality and plenty of useful marketing tools.

Pros of using Klaviyo vs. Mailchimp:

  • Klaviyo integrates great with Shopify, while Mailchimp recently separated from Shopify; in conclusion, if you are a Shopify user, your best choice is Klaviyo;
  • Excellent segmentation & automation features that are almost state-of-the-art;
  • Klaviyo’s AI capabilities empower you to offer a much more personalized service.

Pros of using Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo:

  • It is more pocket-friendly;
  • More friendly with users at the begging of the email marketing journey;
  • It is more popular than Klaviyo.

Klaviyo vs. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one advanced marketing automation software and CRM designed for small & medium-sized businesses. There is no clear winner between Klaviyo vs. ActiveCampaign. In essence, if you sell physical products online, you should choose Klaviyo. On the other hand, if you do not sell physical products online, you should go for ActiveCampaign.

Pros of using Klaviyo vs. ActiveCampaign:

  • Surprisingly, Klaviyo is more user-friendly than ActiveCampaign;
  • It features fantastic tools for eCommerce;
  • The dashboard is full of useful information on how your campaigns are working;
  • Great analytics & reporting features focused on ROI.

Pros of using ActiveCampaign vs. Klaviyo:

  • It is more affordable than Klaviyo;
  • It has more features, including triggers for more options to create automation.

Klaviyo vs. Omnisend

Omnisend is a marketing automation software focused on email marketing, SMS, push notifications, and many more. Similar to Klaviyo, it integrates with many e-commerce platforms, including Shopify.

Pros of using Klaviyo vs. Omnisend:

  • Excellent behavior tracking capabilities;
  • The ability to create custom Facebook audiences based on your subscribers;
  • There is no need for programming skills to install signup forms to the website, create automation workflows or email templates.

Pros of using Omnisend vs. Klaviyo:

  • 3x times cheaper than Klaviyo in some cases;
  • It has more features for eCommerce;
  • It rocks in the customer care department.

There are many other Klaviyo Alternatives on the market, so, as we always say, there’s a match for every particular business need.