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ABBYY FineReader Alternatives & Competitors

ABBY FineReader is not the only PDF download and PDF editor tool. It has many other alternatives that you could consider if you’re not satisfied with ABBY FineReader’s features. Here are other top alternatives to ABBY FineReader that have similar features and functionalities:

  • Nanonets OCR

Nanonets is a popular ABBY FineReader alternative that utilizes sophisticated Deep Learning and OCR Learning to get important details from unstructured documents and text. With Nanonets, you can extract data fields, digitize documents, and integrate with your daily applications through APIs in an easy and intuitive interface.

You can also eliminate manual processes and automate document reviews, receipts, and invoices. It minimizes processing time by up to ninety percent and saves on costs by up to fifty percent. This tool is suitable for small and midsize businesses, enterprises, and organizations searching for ways of automating a manual process. Nanonets OCR pricing begins at $499 based on usage every month. It has a free version and a free trial.

Nanonets Intro

  • Hypatos

Hypatos deep learning tool automates advanced document-based back-office processes offering great efficiency gains. Manual document processing is an important cost driver in organizations. With this tool, people can capture data points from documents, perform validations, and automate processes.

This deep learning solution is perfect for individuals that want to enhance their RPA projects, enterprises striving for back-office automation, and consulting projects that need document processing automation with Artificial Intelligence. Hypatos pricing begins at $500 each month. It has a free trial and a free version.

  • PDFTron SDK

This is another ABBY FineReader alternative. It is the most extensive MS Office and PDF SDK. Also, it was created in-house to deliver the right and reliable service to your digital content regardless of size or complexity. It works with your goals because its APIs include CAD, MS Office, and video collaboration functionalities for your application on the web, iOS, Android, Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

PDFTron SDK has the right PDF viewing, editing, creation,  annotating, and generation to any mobile, server, or desktop web application. This software is an international high-performance document processing technology provider, serving thousands of customers in different industries. PDFTron SDK offers a free trial, but they don’t have a free version.

Build a PDF signing app with React, Firebase and PDFTron SDK

  • Veryfi OCR API & SDK

Veryfi APIs (+ Camera SDKs) transform unstructured data (receipts, bills, invoices, etc.) into structured data (with line items) within a few seconds with the aid of machines end-to-end. Furthermore, Veryfis technology does not require training or humans in the loop and no templates.

Each document is processed in real-time using Veryfis pre-trained machine models to provide instant time to value. Veryfis has a mission to save humanity from manual back-office labor. Veryfi is great for Software Providers: those who want best-in-class Expense Management, AP/Bill Pay and CPG Loyalty companies worldwide, Finance Departments, and Software Developers. It has a free trial and a free version.

Veryfi OCR API for Invoice Data Extraction

ABBYY FineReader vs. Adobe Acrobat

ABBYY FineReader enables experts to maximize efficiency in the digital workspace. ABBYY’s current AI-based OCR technology makes it easy for users to edit, digitize, retrieve, protect, share, and collaborate on different documents in the same workflow. It supports Windows, Android, and iPhone apps and is web-based. In addition, chat and email/help desk are its support options.

Adobe Acrobat is a PDF editing software that one can create, convert and share PDF documents. It can convert documents in Microsoft Office formats to PDFs and vice versa. In addition, Adobe Acrobat provides tools for remote collaboration, like e-signatures, progress tracking, commenting, and others.

With Adobe Acrobat’s free mobile application, you can easily view, annotate, and sign PDFs. It supports these platforms: Windows app, Android app, iPhone app, and Web-based. Its support options are chat and email/help desk. ABBY FineReader’s pricing starts from US$199.99 for one-time. It has a free trial. Adobe Acrobat’s pricing begins from US$12.99 per month. And it has a free trial and subscription.

Adobe Acrobat DC

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