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Freshmarketer Alternatives

There are plenty of email marketing automation solutions in the market. Freshmarketer, with its ecosystem, is a great pick for startups, growing businesses, and even enterprises. However, it is not the only one! There are plenty of Freshmarketer alternatives. Let’s list them below.


HubSpot is one of the most popular CRM in the market. It offers a complete package for any business out there. But, if you break it down, you will get its five hubs: Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub. Compared to Freshmarketer, you only need access to Marketing Hub as it offers the automation and tools to manage your marketing campaign. With HubSpot Marketing Hub, you enable your traffic to be more convertible. You can run a complete inbound marketing campaign, including email marketing campaigns. The key popular features of Marketing Hub include Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, and Analytics.

You get all the necessary data and marketing tools under one roof here. This means you can play with customers’ data and use the tools to create a more streamlined approach when understanding the customers. It is also easy to use and ensures you do not lose time doing trivial things. Other key Marketing Hub features include Blog, Ad tracking and management, social media management, SEO, Landing page builder, form builder, email marketing, and marketing automation. It also offers excellent reporting features.


ActiveCampaign is known for its automation. It offers automation for all businesses, including eCommerce, B2C, and B2B companies. With it, you can follow a four-step process to reach your audience using email marketing, segmentation, and forms, and nurture them with marketing automation, messaging and text, dynamic content, and event tracking.

Moreover, you can convert using contact and lead scoring, CRM and sales automation, win probability, pipelines, and attribution, and finally grow with ActiveCampaign key features such as chat & conversations, split testing, loyalty, predictive content, site messages, and more! With almost every aspect covered, you can fine-tune your campaign and improve ROI in the best possible way. Unlike HubSpot Marketing Hub and Freshmarketer, it doesn’t offer any free version to try out. Instead, the paid version starts from just $29 per month.


MailChimp is a great pick if you want a more established platform that deals specifically with marketing, automation, and email. It offers excellent automation directly built-in with the solution. You can set up automation in every aspect of the process, including reminding abandoned cart shoppers, cross-selling products, or re-engaging lost customers.

Another key feature is predictive segmentation which enables you to find valuable customers and improve your revenue by a good threshold. The email builder lets you quickly build emails with drag-and-drop functionality and templates. It offers a free version that you can try out to see what they offer. However, you are free to try out their paid plans which start at $9.99 monthly.


Moosend is a good Freshmarketer alternative compared to Freshmarketer. It lets you engage your audience with proper email marketing campaigns where you can create, send and automate every aspect. Like other players, you get access to a drag-and-drop email editor, list segmentation, data analytics, and A/B testing. In the marketing automation aspect, you get good automation features, including a drag & drop automation editor, email automation templates, website & user tracking, and advanced reporting.

Moosend dashboard - Freshmarketer alternatives

Its landing page builder also enables you to create modern yet beautiful landing pages with the help of pre-made templates. It also offers support for subscription forms for better online lead generation. Apart from that, you also get good integration, live customer support, and a knowledge base. You can try out Moosend for a 30-day trial without using your credit card to access it. The paid plan starts at just $9 per month.


GetResponse is a powerful email marketing automation tool. It offers an excellent inbound marketing solution to get your business online and grow your audience. Moreover, it comes with a forever-free plan which is excellent for starters but is very limited for long-term uses. Their paid plans start at just $15.58 per month, which is slightly higher compared to other email marketing automation providers in the market. With GetResponse, you can access many marketing tools, including a website builder, email marketing tools, webinar tools, and a complete marketing automation tool.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is also a great alternative to Freshmarketer. It lets you grow your audience through email marketing. With it, you can create customized messages sent in responsive designs. Also, you can automate workflows to ensure maximum productivity. The key Zoho Campaigns features include Subscribers management, A/B testing, pre-defined templates, and a drag-and-drop editor. In terms of features, you get email workflows and autoresponders. It also lets you personalize content with the help of merge tags and eCommerce business. It is also one of the cheapest options, starting at just $3.00 per month.


Our last Freshmarketer alternative is AWeber. Like other tools, it also improves ROI and ensures that you grow in the right direction. AWeber comes with email marketing, landing page builder, eCommerce pages, web push notification, and, most importantly, email automation. It also offers good integration options. Moreover, you can start with AWeber for free, with up to 500 email subscribers. If you want to go through the paid route, you can go with AWeber Pro, which starts at $16.15 monthly.

Moonsend vs. Freshmarketer

If you are looking for a more streamlined and easy-to-use marketing automation solution, you can check out Moosend. It comes with a 30-day trial which is more than enough to try out their services. Moosend is also cheaper than Freshmarketer, with prices starting at just $9 per month. However, the low pricing can be because of the number of features offered by Moosend compared to Freshmarketer.

So, what exactly can you do with Moosend? Here, you get features like email marketing, newsletter editor, and personalization regarding emails. For better audience management, you get access to segmentation and CRM tools. They also provide access to landing pages and subscription forms for lead generation.

As for automation, Moosend offers three key features: Marketing automation, Ecommerce AI, and Product recommendation. Also, just like Freshmarketer, you get a good tracking feature where you can create custom reports.

Overall, Moosend is also a complete product aimed at small to medium-scale businesses. However, you will not get access to a similar ecosystem that Freshmarketer offers.

Hubspot vs. Freshmarketer

When you talk about HubSpot, you talk about its ecosystem. However, we have Freshmarketer as our comparison. In this case, we are going only to compare its Marketing Hub.

Let’s get started with pricing first. It comes with a free tier, but it is limited, and you will surely reach its limits faster than you think. To start with Marketing Hub properly, you need to pay at least $45 per month, including ad targeting, marketing automation, and landing page reporting. This is way more compared to Freshmarketer’s lowest plan of $19 per month.

The HubSpot Marketing Hub lets you run complete inbound marketing campaigns. With it, you can attract the right audience and improve conversions. Its key features include access to landing pages, ABM, and marketing automation. Furthermore, it offers excellent personalization, thanks to the use of AI. The other HubSpot Marketing Hub features include Ad tracking and management, live chat, form builder, landing page builder, account-based marketing, and lead tracking and management. You also get access to reports which lets you understand your audience and marketing efforts.

Overall, HubSpot is a more polished marketing tool with good automation and other supporting tools. However, it is also way more expensive when compared to Freshmarketer.

Mailchimp vs. Freshmarketer

Our last comparison is Mailchimp and Freshmarketer. I recommend MailChimp for its ease of use & its excellent presence in the email marketing automation market. Irrespective of that, MailChimp does offer excellent features to back up its popularity. Its well-known features include Marketing CRM, where you can understand your audience, Signup forms for growth, and segmentation & behavioral targeting for better targeting. It also offers predicted demographics which lets you further personalize your marketing efforts.

For automation, you get customer journeys where you can use branching points and conditional logic to design personalized customer journeys. Apart from that, you can also do A/B testing, generate reports, and do surveys.

Overall, MailChimp is a great alternative to Freshmarketer, with pricing starting at $9.99 per month.


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