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Omnisend Reviews

9.1/10 (Tekpon Score)
Product is rated as #1 in category E-Commerce
Launched more than six years ago, Omnisend has been in continuous development since. Omnisend is a marketing automation product focused on email marketing, SMS, push notifications, and many more. The software is integrated with many e-commerce platforms and is widely used to integrate WooCommerce, Shopify etc.
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About Omnisend

What is Omnisend?

It’s an all-in-one marketing automation tool developed for growth-focused e-commerce platforms. Omnisend is more than an email marketing automation tool with 5 channels to reach your customers. Moreover, it comes with full integrations for all e-commerce tools.

About Omnisend-Tekpon Omnisend Review


Why Omnisend?

First of all, Omnisend is a fast expanding company with more than 50.000 customers worldwide. The software is specially designed to make online marketers’ life easier when trying to reach their clientele. Second, it’s an omnichannel marketing tool that will attack its target, by all means possible—for example, social media, SMS, or popups. Third, the Omnisend tool integrates with the 5 eCommerce platforms and other 50 + apps you are using.

Last, flexibility in segmenting your user as much as you please and target it in any way you want, even by A/B testing.

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Omnisend Features

Let’s see what all-in-one marketing automation has to offer in terms of features. At first glance, generous, but we can’t give a definitive response until we get through them one by one. Now, let’s get started with the serious stuff.

Email Campaigns

Omnisend comes with a solution for creating your own templates that very simple and easy to use by the minor technical individual. Building your email campaigns with Omnisend does not require you to have any HTML skills, just the tinny bit of dexterity to drag and drop. Thus, you can easily create a branding marketing campaign containing a dynamic discount code without any fuss. Moreover, take advantage of the email design templates. Designed for high conversion and an easy on the eye look, they will ensure definite success every single time as long as your database is double opt-in.

Email templates Omnisend-Tekpon Review

Above all, make sure you have a legit database and that all the users agreed and verified their email address before you bombard them with email – remember that it is called SPAM and can be punished by law in many areas. Even though, at times, spamming seems to be a reliable source of traffic for you. It’s not. It’s a short-term strategy that will leave you wondering what’s next in a short while. Keep in mind that Omnisend has a strictly no-spamming policy.

Email Segmentation & Campaign boost by Omnisend

Further on, let’s touch a bit on the subject of segmentation in email marketing. Segmenting your target group with Omnisend will increase your customer engagement or conversion by more than 60%. So, what are you waiting for?! So, if you are the owner of an online store of any kind, well, it means you hold lots of data that give you an in-depth perspective of what your customers want, like, are undecided, haven’t returned to purchase for a long time. Get to work.

First, divide customers into segments. Second, create your Omnisend email campaigns accordingly for more purchase and better engagement. Then, double your chances of getting your campaigns opened with the Campaign Booster. Now, what does the campaign booster do? Easy, it tracks if the recipients opened or not the email, and if they don’t take any action within the first 48h they will receive the same email but with a separate subject line—most of the users seen an 11% increase in open rate by this action alone.

Omnisend A/B testing

Commun feature in pretty much anything that has to do with customer interaction online. What an Omnisend A/B test or Split test essentially is? Well, it’s splitting a database into multiple equal databases using the separate subject line. For example, and figuring essentially waiting to see which one. has the most significant open rate. In conclusion, the Omnisend A/B test works essentially the same as any split test, but it’s a must for any email marketing campaign’s success.

Multi-store accounts

The Omnisend multi-store accounts option offers the possibility to manage multiple email marketing accounts in multiple stores just by switching from one store to another. Thus, helping you avoid duplicate work by making all the content created in one store is available in the second, third, or fourth store.

Multi-store Omnisend- tekpon review

Campaign Reports

Once you set up your email campaigns with Omnisend, you need to see how they are doing. Good, that’s what Campaign Reports are for. For analyzing and adapting, Omnisend offers the following reports:

                      • Campaign Reports
                      • Campaign Click maps
                      • Advanced reporting for campaigns

Moving on, the Omnisend software campaign Click maps have an exciting and useful feature. They show you where your customers clicked when in the email. By this Omnisend helps you pick the right spot for the superstar offer in your email. Come on, we all have that, admit it.

Ecommerce Automation

The Omnisend e-commerce automation feature does everything it can to drive sales to you even while you sleep. The automation has the following features to prevent several actions clients do on your online shop. Let’s see what :

  • Welcome Series – Through emails, it welcomes your new subscribers and emails them to convert them to buyers.
  • Product Abandonment – Reaches out to customers that checked out products but did not purchase with push-notifications or email to convince them to buy. A famous example that we are all familiar with would be – the product you were checking out is almost out of stock and so on.
  • Cart Abandonment- Similar to the product abandonment, the feature by Omnisend recovers more cards by approaching customers through SMS and email.
  • Order Confirmation – Once the purchase was made, customers will receive almost instantly that the receipt is sent via email or SMS if automated.
  • Shipping Confirmation – Keep your customers informed about the shipment.
  • Cross-sell –  Based on a previous order, your customers will receive suggestions of products that they might like

Omnisend features automation- tekpon review

So, even though such a system’s setup might take time and can be difficult at times, the Omnisend temples will surely help you. Above all, once the e-commerce automation is all set up, the system will work for you and bring you more sales without any offers.


First, thanks to the lifecycle approach, Omnisend allows you to divide your customers based on their lifecycle stage dynamically and automatically. Second, you can target each customer optimally and productively for you. For example, if you have a customer from Facebook, you can continue to approach it through the same channel.

Segmentation-tekpon omnisend review


Last, improve your deliverability by learning the pattern your client has. When they respond best to the campaign, a particular hour of sending an email, for example, to them, can increase your open rate substantially.

Popups & Forms

Help your visitor be closer to you with the TCPA & GDPR compliant forms and automate to engage from the moment zero. Whatever you are doing, Omnisend comes with a variety of built-in forms for:

Popups and Signup boxes

Omnisend has brilliant popup technology. For example, you can capture visitors by offering them discounts when they go towards closing the website. Moreover, capture email addresses or phone numbers for cold calls in the same way in an automatic manner. Last, Omnisend comes with already created and mobile-optimized pop-up forms that all you have to do is optimize to fit your needs.

Landing pages

Easily create and customize landing pages to fit each of your target groups and new campaigns. Amongst the advantages, easy tracking groups and campaigns and the possibility to adapt on the way. Omnisend comes with several landing pages prepared, responsive, and optimized, ready to personalize and use.

Wheel of Fortune

The Omnisend Wheel of Fortune is a feature that brings gamification into your online store. Why gamification? Because it is fun and engaging, keeps users engaged on your website for a more extended period of time, and remember people always remember how you made them feel; well, in this case, I would be very excited.

Wheel of Fortune Omnisend features- Tekpon review

Furthermore, it could be an important attribute in people remembering your brand and starting some good word of mouth to work to your advantage. People always like interactions and a significant discount.


First, Omnisend will keep you on track of the sales it generates for you in the Sales Dashboard. Thus, in the Dashboard, you will be able to keep track of all the sales generated by all the campaigns you are running, marketing activities, and forms you are using.

Second, you have the Campaigns and Automation reports. It delivers numbers so that you can decide on one hand which campaign is actually working for you in producing your sales and on the other engagement reports. Third, the Built-in Message reports help you make decisions looking straight at the campaign with the built-in stats overview. Fourth, Advance analytics and report give you a macro view of all your automation and campaigns running.

Last, keep in mind that you have access to reporting depending on the type of Omnisend pricing package you picked.

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Omnisend Integrations

Integrations are another interesting aspect Omnisend brings to the table. The automation software essentially integrates with any e-commerce, several finance tools, payment, and many more platform you can imagine.

Integration E-commerce Omnisend-tekpon reviews

In terms of e-commerce, Onisend does an important thing that will save you time and money. It is fully integrated with all major e-commerce platforms so, you won’t need any third-party connections. Below are some of the ones you might be most familiar with.

      • WooCommerce
      • Volusion
      • Shopify plus
      • Shopify
      • PrestaShop
      • OpenCart
      • Magento
      • BigCommerce
      • 29Next
      • Zapier
      • Yotpo
      • Aftership
      • eKoma

Now, in terms of Omnisend reviews regarding its multitude of integrations to cover every retailer’s needs.

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Omisend Pricing

Omnisend offers, amongst many pricing models, free membership options limited to 15.000 emails/month and limited access to features. Some of the other Omnisend pricing models available are standard, premium, and enterprise.

Start from: $16/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free version: Available

For more details on all four pricing packages, check out the pricing section.

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Omnisend Alternatives

Amongst the top alternatives and competitors Omnisend has are the following:

  • Klaviyo
  • Mailchimp
  • Conversion
  • Aweber
  • Hubspot
  • MailJet
  • Constant Contact
  • Campaign Monitor

To find out all there is to know about the differences between Omnisend and its alternatives regarding features, pricing, and integration, check out our Omnisend alternative page.

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To wrap up, we declare ourselves imprest by what Omnisend has to offer. The software has, in theory, all an online retail store needs to succeed. In terms of integrations and features, Omnisend is on top of its game with the direct integrations and a tool for literally any tool you would like to have in there. Still, in terms of pricing, it comes with a freemium package that leaves much to be desired in terms of features available; however, once you upgrade to a better package, you can truly get amazing things done. Still, we find the limit of 15000 mails small.

Specification: Omnisend

customer-type StartUps, Large enterprises, Medium business, Small business
device-supported Desktops, Mobiles, Tablets
features A/B Testing, Automation, Customizable Templates, Dashboard, E-commerce Automation, Email, Export, Integrations, Landing Pages, Popups, Push notifications, Reporting/Analytics, Responsive, Segmentation, Signup Forms, SMS, Wheel of Fortune, Gamification
integrated-with 29NEXT, aftership, alloy, BigCommerce, CartHook, Coopt, easyship, ECB, eKoma, elink, Email Pirate, Fomo, Fyrebox, Gleam, gorgias, growave, Happy Birthday, Intercom,, Junip, Justuno, LeadSlide, LimeSpot, LiveChat, LoyaltyLion, Magento, Nosto, Okendo, Opencart, OptiMonk, personizely, Poptin, PrestaShop, re:amaze, Recart, ShipStation, Shopify, Shopify Flow, Shopifyplus,, Stamped, Sufio, Tidio, VideoPeel, ViralSweep, Volusion, Wheelio, WisePops, WooCommerce, Yotpo, Zapier, Zipify
languages English
price-range 1-50, 51-100, Custom, Free
pricing-model Custom, Freemium, Monthly payment
users Unlimited
works on Android OS, Apple iOS, Apple Mac OS, Apple Watch OS, Cloud, Linux, SaaS, Web Browsers, Windows
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