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Omnisend Alternatives

As with any other software product Omnisend has alternatives and competitors in the same market offering very similar features, prices, and integrations. To better understand where Omnisend’s competitive edge lies, we will be looking at it in contrast to its competitors and set them head to head.

Top Alternatives to Omnisend:

  • Klaviyo

  • Mailchimp

  • Conversion

  • Aweber

  • Hubspot

  • MailJet

  • Constant Contact

  • Campaign Monitor

Omnisend vs. Mailchimp

Now, we are probably all familiar with Mailchimp and some of the services they offer. Most of us probably know them for their mailing services, but very few of us know they have an omnichannel solution similar to Omnisend. Now, let us take a look at some of the features they have in common.

First of all, even if the two software is very similar in terms of features and integrations, trying the two products to make this Omnisend vs. Mailchimp section, we concluded that in so many aspects, Omnisend provides more accessible and more reliable products. Our opinion is that probably Omnisend invested more to get out of Mailchimp’s shadow and succeed. We believe that at this point, Omnisend took their product to a different level and adapted it to a more significant segment than Mailchimp did.

Mailchimp focused its services around small companies vs. Omnisend offers a service adaptable for any e-commerce needs.

Mailchimp vs. Omnisend Pricing

Moving on, let us review Omnisend vs. Mailchimp also from a pricing perspective. For example, let’s take a look and compare the prices they charge for 500 contacts.

Mailchimp pricing plan

Mailchimp Pricing - Omnisend Alternatives

Omnisend pricing model

Omnisend Pricing

In conclusion, after looking from a pricing perspective, Omnisend comes with a more competitive pricing package than Mailchimp reported to the same number of contacts. Still, we find both their limit in terms of contacts and small email. Take a closer look at what Omnisend has to offer in terms of services and features and price reported to several contacts you have in Omnisend review page.

Klaviyo vs. Omnisend

Even from the start, a pronounced similarity that came to our attention is the two define themselves as marketing and SMS platform for e-commerce. However, there is a pretty noticeable difference in that Klaviyo works best, and it is printed towards Shopify, while Omnisend is more focused on e-commerce in general.

Both services are excellent. There isn’t anything to say about that; we can only say that it is a matter of preference if you are looking for mailing and SMS alone. However, Omnisend also offers several other forms, landing pages, popups, etc.

Klaviyo vs. Omnisend pricing plans

The two have very different pricing models, with Omnisend coming with a concrete rate and limit of the email you can send for a specific price per month. In contrast, Klaviyo came up with a cost per contact that can be calculated on their webpage to give you a fee for the number of connections you are having.

To learn more about Klaviyo costs, you can visit our dedicated page for Klaviyo pricing.

However, Klaviyo does not offer a free package as Omnisend does. For that reason alone, we would say that Omnisend is StartUp friendlier, but Klaviyo is better for a company with a more extensive database and more transparency in its approach.

Conclusion and Overview

To sum up, all three products are great, each one of them in their target group. In terms of services they offer, they are very similar; however, the price makes the difference, and some of the features they developed to differentiate themselves from the competition. Therefore, it is all about the price and which extra features suit you best at the end of the day.